Recapping 2018

Sam Hale - Cafeza Houston

2018 was a great year in so many ways. You know, you look back and try to count all your accomplishments but some cannot be measured. I had a great year, thanks to all my amazing new friends and supporters, in terms of material gains. I was able to raise the money I needed to record my EP ‘Somewhere Between Love & War’, went on tour with Jon Pattie through Texas, got my music in a bunch of Spotify playlists, got on iHeart Radio for an interview, got my music on Lightning 100, and so on. These are all great things and brought me a lot of joy knowing that I’m on the right path. When I think of growth, I don’t only think of these measurable goals that I was able to achieve. I also think about some of the major strides I took to become more enlightened, aware, and happy.

I truly believe you can have everything in the world and not be happy. We’ve lost a lot of prolific artists to depression and it’s truly unfortunate. I know I have struggled with depression and to be a balanced human being takes a lot of self-work. You have to reconfigure your center through exercise, eating right, meditating, and doing whatever else it takes to reprogram your mind. In some cases, the depression is too great and people turn to medications which they have to rely on.

But anyways, enough about depression. Lets get back to the good stuff…

What I’m truly grateful for in 2018 was that I was able to become more spiritually aware and aligned myself closer to who I truly am. I’m getting closer everyday but I’m still not 100% there. I don’t know if we ever get 100% locked in to who we truly are, but I’ve taken strides with listening to my inner voice and trying to make decisions that keep me on my path.

Another reason why I’m writing this post is to thank everyone who believes in me. Some believers have hopped on as they have seen me progress with my art, and others were there from the start. I thank you all. Any sort of support means the world to me. It feels great when people encourage you to stay true to yourself and keep pushing. At times, what seems to be a minor bit of encouragement can actually yield the biggest rewards. Again, thank you… I love you all.

How important is social media for musicians?

Let’s be real. The times are changing. We are living in an ever-evolving musical industry that changes at the blink of an eye. It’s hard to ride the wave at times. Your main goal is to reach as many people as possible so you can be successful. But to what lengths are you willing to go to get a fan? And, when does a fan become an actual fan?

Sam hale - Music Blog

I’ve been quite active on social media over the years. Part of the appeal, especially with Instagram, is that I get to show my creative graphic design side. I mean, that is what I went to school for after all. But I must warn those who are actively engaged in social media to slow it down, limit your hours on your device or a computer. Making meaningful connections are very valuable and that means you need to either get out there and start playing shows, or you need to put out some amazing content on YouTube or IGTV.

In order to get a fan base you need to provide value and give people an experience they cannot turn down. When you gig often, you make real connections that will follow your music on social media and everywhere else. When you provide people with rich content on YouTube, they get to see how you perform and fall in love with your songs even more so they’ll buy your merchandise or go to your show.

The reason I write this is because I’m starting to see too many musicians put too much time into meaningless posts that don’t get them anywhere. I’ve been there myself so I get it. That is why I’m writing to all you aspiring musicians.

Get out of your house. Play a gig, shake a hand, and write the best music you possibly can. “Be so good they cannot refuse you” - Steve Martin


Article by: Sam Hale

Date: 01/12/2018