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Sam Hale is an alternative/indie-pop songwriter and producer based in Nashville, Tennessee.  Hale’s musical influences have blended over time to produce a rich musical landscape consisting of ethereal synths and beats, electric guitars, and live drums.

After years of sharing his music in Los Angeles, Hale decided to continue his journey in Nashville. In his first year, he recorded an EP called Somewhere Between Love and War, went on tour through Texas, got featured on Lightning 100 (Nashville Radio), and was interviewed on air for his single “Supernatural” on iHeart Media’s Alt 97.5.

Hale’s latest EP holds nothing back, as he gives listeners a deep glimpse into his personal struggles. He explains, “In the past year, I have made a lot of sacrifices and shifted my energy quite a bit and this EP shows my process through it all. I told myself, I could either be the safe version of myself, or the boldest. I chose the latter.”

“What first drew me to Sam's music was an authentic sounding lyrical and sonic landscape that painted a real picture of what its like to be alone. Even in demo stage the songs proved to have an honest point of few from a specific time in his life. As we started working together his ability to paint this unique and personal picture proved to come across not just on the topic of being alone after a relationship, but being alone in a new city and being alone in a new country. The songs are passionate, intimate and energetic all at once.” –Sam Kassirer, Producer

Lookout for Sam Hale’s next release due to drop sometime in 2019.




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